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So we are already thinking of air conditioners here at Mr. Air Heating and Cooling. There are tons of new

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products and recommendations coming each year and keeping track

can be difficult. In an effort to help homeowners become knowledgeable about what’s out there I have decided to beef up our efforts and pass along some of the latest findings in home heating and cooling.

So 3D printing is not exactly a household name but I found this interesting article today. Maybe everyone in the future will have a home printer who knows. But its interesting the ideas people are coming up with. Who knows what will be next.

3D company Emerging Objects has come up with a solution that may be able to greatly reduce the use of air conditioning systems in these hot dry climates. They have developed a product called Cool Bricks. These bricks work like the old evaporative cooling systems. These systems are perfect for dryer climates. The shape of these bricks are especially unique and you can see why they use a 3D printer.

“Our Cool Brick, couples 3D printed ceramics and traditional passive cooling strategies to make an innovative new building system,” Ronald Rael, one of the brick’s designers tells From Emerging Objects

The printed bricks can be used to create walls of any size. These walls provide a decorative look at the same time cooling of a home.

Will this replace your air conditioner? Well, not anytime soon but the future of adding supplemental products to reduce out air conditioning costs is near.

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