About Mr. Air Heating and Air Conditioning

Opened their doors in June of 2011. Word quickly spread across Pataskala and into the Columbus Metro & surrounding areas.. that if you want your heating and cooling system fixed right the first time, at the best price in town with no hassles or shenanigans by professional competent technicians then Mr. Air Heating and Air Conditioning is who you call. Locally owned & operated by Tom & Brandi Langwasser

A Household Name.

We’ve quickly become a trusted household name simply because of the way we do business. We treat everyone as we would want to be treated. We provide professional honest ethical service in a forthright courteous manner at the best prices in town.

Operational Disciplineaward800

A basic organizational guiding principle that says “Do the right thing…the right way…when your supposed to…how your supposed to…all the time…every time…no exceptions”. It’s our organizations’ culture and how we operate our business.
Mr. Air Heating and Air Conditioning is known for OVER delivering exceptional professional quality heating and cooling repair services in Pataskala, Columbus & surrounding areas.

Customer Commitment:

Mr. Air Heating and Air Conditioning will focus relentlessly on the delivery of exceptional customer value through continuous improvement in H.V.A.C excellence under the organizational guiding principles of Operational Discipline.

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