Most air conditioner repair calls are related to leaks. Although these leaks tend to be relatively small, if left unchecked they can cause damage to the unit and water damage to the home. Some of these repairs or causes can be fixed by a home owner but most do require a service call. The good news is most of these repairs can be avoided with a seasonal inspection.

Air conditioner leaks where to look.

  1. Hole or crack in the overflow pan
  2. Clogged air filter
  3. Condensation line is clogged or not aligned with drain

The overflow or drain pan catches any water or condensation from the air conditioning unit. You can inspect the metal pan with a flashlight. This can be repaired DIY but its a messy job. Sometimes the best choice is just to replace the pan.

There is a good reason we tell home owners to replace the filter every month. A clogged filter can cause so many issues and permanent damage. A dirty filter can cause ice build up on the coils and as the ice melts you will see the water dripping.

The third area to look is the condensation line. It is meant to run from the air conditioner to a drain. At times this could clog and water will overflow back to the air conditioner unit. Some systems will detect the clog and shut the unit down. The line can run from the housing to a drain in the floor. Sometimes this line gets dislodged from the floor and then drips on the ground not in the drain.

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