Air conditioner repairs can be costly but avoided for most homeowners. While air conditioner units will need replaced over time our goal is to prevent this as much as possible. One of the ways here at Mr. Air is our regular maintenance of your air conditioning systems. Customers always ask what is included in our maintenance package.  Please click here to look over our air conditioning maintenance package.

So I wanted to highlight what we can avoid with a regular maintenance and a seasonal cleaning.

Avoid needing an emergency service call.

  • Leaking refrigerant: This is one of the worst problems an air conditioner can encounter, and it’s common among older air conditioning units. Losing refrigerant doesn’t just mean your air conditioner will struggle to keep you cool. It can also mean severe damage to the compressor, which is designed to handle a specific amount of refrigerant. A burned-out compressor often means you need to replace the entire air conditioner system. Maintenance technicians will catch refrigerant leaks and have the problem solved before it damages the home air conditioning system.
  • Burnt-out motors: Mechanical stress on motors can cause them to burn out over time. Maintenance lubricates and cleans the motors to see that there’s little chance of them failing over the summer.
  • Overflowing condensate pan: If the condensate drain clogs up, the condensate pan will overflow, which will trigger the air conditioner to stop working. During maintenance, technicians will clean out the condensate drain to prevent this from occurring. At that time we can inspect for holes and cracks that could cause the water to leak from the unit and damaging your floor.
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