Performing regular furnace and air conditioning maintenance can save you money in the long run.

If it is the middle of winter and below freezing or a extremely hot summer day. It’s the wrong time to need to look for a furnace repair or air conditioning repair service. At Mr. Air they believe regular inspection and maintenance of your furnace and HVAC system can save you money down the road. So Mr. Air developed a yearly maintenance package to cover your furnace and air conditioning needs.

Maintenance packages receive discounted rates and priority service.


  • Mr. Air's Signature Maintenance Package
    $159.00 yearly
    • 15 point cleaning and inspection
    • Yearly Furnace Inspection
    • Yearly Air Conditioner Inspection
    • Priority Service
    • No over time rates 24 hrs a day
    • 15% off any repairs needed should your system break down during the year



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