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When Pataskala Ohio gets cold our furnace systems really like to throw a wrench in our day. It does not take long to start looking around the internet for someone who is the best furnace repair company. Well, what if you could do a little furnace troubleshooting before calling a repairman? Now, this is not going to fix most of your issues but maybe can help a few homeowners out there.

1. Change your furnace filter.

If your furnace is running but does not seem to be blowing enough warm air into your home this is a good place to start. A clogged filter can drastically reduce the air going into your furnace. Also, the less air going into the furnace blower motor the hotter our furnace parts can become This could completely shut down our home heating system. So don’t forget to change the filter regularly.

2. Check your thermostat.

Your furnace may be working just fine. Your thermostat the brains of your heating system. With more and more home getting smart thermostats issues with these parts can become more common. Here are a few troubleshooting areas to check.

  1. Batteries – Simple but a necessity
  2. Check the settings – With more complex programming it may just have the furnace turned off.
  3. Look for a manual mode and flip the settings to cool or just adjust 5 degrees to see if the furnace turns on


3. Is your furnace blower cover closed?

There is a cover on most furnaces, it allows our technicians to get into a unit to inspect and troubleshoot. Sometimes this cover can become dislodged. Carefully check the cover and make sure it is sitting properly on the furnace. There is a switch that is triggered only when the cover is completely closed.

4. Is the electric off to the furnace.

Just like other appliances in your home, there is the main circuit breaker providing electricity to your electric furnace. Sometimes these can be flipped and need to be reset. This may be something to look at why it was flipped and still may lead to an issue.

5. Check the gas coming in.

A gas furnace relies on gas to ignite and warm your home. Check the main valve and make sure it is not turned off. Check other gas appliances in the home are they working? If they are not you might have an issue with the mainline and its time to call the gas company. As always if you smell gas leave the home and call someone immediately.


After all of this if you still are having issues it’s time to call a professional repair company. If you are in the Gahanna Ohio area give Mr. Air a call


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